Destination Weddings in Europe

Destination Weddings in Europe’s Manors and Castles

Though the landscapes keep changing from the stunning beaches of the Mediterranean to the medieval castles and cosmopolitan cities, a destination wedding in Europe is sure to exude tradition, charisma and romance. Whether you are getting married in a sprawling English Manor or a medieval castle overlooking a windswept moor, there is an aura and a sense of romance and history in getting married in such places.

If you want to surprise your princess with a wedding full of new dreams and fantasies, a manor house In England is the perfect destination for fairytale weddings. These manors have a lot of space where your family and friends can stay comfortably during the ceremony.

Whatever is your dream or fantasy, your dreams can turn into a reality and eternal memories with our European honeymoon destination packages.

Nothing is more romantic than a luxury honeymoon with your prince charming in Europe – a continent with some great locations, history and passionate love stories of all time.

When it comes to Europe, Cinderella Travel will help you choose from a number of venues – be it a castle, manor, Tuscan Villa or a cathedral – and wedding packages to suit your budget.

Whether you want your special day to be extremely conventional, modern, simple or lavish, our wedding consultants and planners will help you find the perfect venue with historic homes, picturesque gardens and scenic beauty. And, if you wish to delight in nature’s bliss, snow-capped mountains and stunning beaches can be your destination wedding options as well.
Be it historical England, trend-setting Paris, romantic Italy, the moors of Scotland, or the beautiful Alps, nothing can beat the adventure, thrill, romance and mystery of a European wedding.

With us, your wedding will not remain a dream but we will bring your dreams to life.

  • Planning that will take away the worry, anxiety and stress so that you can concentrate on your big day, on each other and your guests.
  • Attentive listening and understanding so that you can choose your dream wedding location at customized packages.
  • Help you arrange all details pertaining to travel, accommodation, reception, flower arrangements, music and dining options by acting as a link between you and your wedding coordinator at your preferred resort.
  • Our team of wedding destination specialists will tailor your big day in a way to help you experience a perfect romantic wedding so that its memories last a lifetime.

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