Destination Weddings in Mexico

Mexico Weddings

A wedding in the land of romantic landscapes, stunning beaches, charming chapels and the best Margaritas you ever had will put a smile on your face and that of your beloved. Why? Because it’s your destination wedding in Mexico – the land of romance!

Celebrating your nuptials in Riviera Maya, Cancun, Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta – the four most lovely and romantic destinations in Mexico, is an experience in itself. The scenic beauty of Puerto Vallarta and the pristine beaches of the Riviera Maya can be a perfect getaway for the two of you to enjoy a romantic and passionate honeymoon.

Fairytale weddings will transform your special day into an inimitable and amazing experience. Imagine the two of you exchanging romantic vows on the warm sands of a Mexican beach that overlooks the soft lapping of the beautiful blue ocean waters. The backdrop of your weddings as special as the day itself, what a way to start forever!

Our wedding planners and travel specialists will help you choose a perfect Mexican wedding location so that you and your prince charming can celebrate for a week or longer. With the Cinderella experience, you are sure to find the best deals, spectacular honeymoon destinations, beach receptions, resort pictures and finest dining options.

Whether you yearn for a private beach resort wedding, a warm and intimate sunset ceremony, celebration in tropical gardens with your friends and family, a sumptuous dinner in a grand hall or a stylish ballroom event, our consultants will weave all these into your dream wedding in style, grace and sophistication.

Our consultants will work with you to explore the best wedding destinations in Mexico and look into details such as the luxury resort that fits your taste, the flowers, spas, cocktail reception and other amenities that are essential for your special day.

How We Help You

  • We help you choose a one-off and beautiful wedding venue with plush resorts framed by the warm, turquoise and crystal waters of the Riviera Maya coastline. A tropical paradise for romantic couples!
  • Choose a reception you prefer – be it a simple dinner or lavish one in the ballroom.
  • Whether it is an intimate celebration for two lovebirds or a magnificent event and reception for 150 guests, Cinderella Travels has the custom wedding solution for you!

Get in touch with us to take the stress and worry out of you and get prepared for an idyllic destination wedding in Mexico.