Jade Mountain Resort

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Rising majestically above the 600 acre beach front resort of Anse Chastanet, Jade Mountain is a cornucopia of organic architecture celebrating St Lucia’s stunning scenic beauty. Architect owner Nick Troubetzkoy has expanded upon his philosophy of building in harmony with Caribbean nature

in his creation of Jade Mountain. The bold architectural design – individual bridges leading to exceptional infinity pool sanctuaries and rugged stoned-faced columns reaching towards the sky – makes Jade Mountain one of the Caribbean’s most mesmerizing resort experiences.

Expect grand sweeping spaces where bedroom, living area and an extravagant private infinity pool glide into one another to form extraordinary platforms floating out into nature. With the fourth wall entirely absent, Jade Mountain’s sanctuaries are stage-like settings from which to embrace the full glory of St Lucia’s Pitons World Heritage Site, and of course, the eternal Caribbean Sea.

Wrapped around an infinity pool with a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors, the Jade Mountain Club caters exclusively to resident guests, celebrating James Beard Award winner Chef Allen Susser’s “Jade Cuisine.” Hovering in space above the Jade Mountain Club is the Celestial Terrace, perfect for sunset cocktails or star-gazing.

A wide range of spa services can be enjoyed in the privacy of the Jade Mountain sanctuaries or at Kai en Ciel, Jade Mountain’s boutique spa and fitness studio. The Jade Mountain sanctuaries are deliberately techno-free; there are no telephones, radios or televisions. Internet access is available at reception for those who simply cannot let go of the outside world as the resort encourages you to! The resort major domos and a dedicated resort team ensure outstanding service around the clock.

Enjoy the exclusivity and privacy of Jade Mountain plus all of Anse Chastanet’s restaurants, bars, boutiques, artgallery, spa, scuba, bike and watersports facilities as well as 2 soft sand beaches available to Jade Mountain guests at all times.





Each infinity pool sanctuary at Jade Mountain is a carefully designed, individual work of art and architecture.  All of the sanctuaries celebrate an unparalleled view of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea.  In all of the sanctuaries, the 4th wall is open to the views while at the same time allowing for complete privacy.  An additional panoramic quality is provided by sanctuaries on particular elevations and those located on corners. Four rate categories of infinity pool sanctuaries have been created to reflect the square footage of the sanctuaries and size of pool. Also, there are five Sky jacuzzi suites.

All sanctuaries feature 15ft high ceilings and have the 4th wall open to the views. All other aspects, layout and size vary from sanctuary to sanctuary. In addition to locally made fine tropical wood furniture an eclectic collection of furniture has been placed in the sanctuaries giving each one of them their own individualistic ambiance.

The living areas of the rooms are finished with more than 20 different species of tropical hardwood flooring and trims harvested in an environmentally correct way. JADE MOUNTAIN’s technicians actually visited the Rain Forest of Guyana and personally chose which trees to be used. A multitude of hardwoods has been used including Purpleheart, Greenheart, Locust, Kabukali, Snakewood, Bloodwood, Etikburabali, Futukbali, Taurino, Mora and Cabbage Wood.

The interior walls are finished in a crushed blush toned coral plaster quarried in Barbados. The exterior is in massive rough concrete and imbued with locally quarried stone, with all the window openings framed with massive 3 x 18 inch tropical wood mullions and muntins which are in-filled with movable jalousie louvres. The flooring exposed to the weather is finished in quarried coral tile from neighboring islands.

“STAR” Infinity Pool Sanctuaries – The infinity pool sanctuaries which are between 1400 – 1800 square feet and with infinity pools averaging 450 square feet.

“MOON” Infinity Pool Sanctuaries – The infinity pool sanctuaries which are between 1600 – 1950 square feet in size with infinity pools averaging 650 square feet.

“SUN” Infinity Pool SanctuariesThe infinity pool sanctuaries with the most commanding 270 degree panoramic view, with over 2000 square feet in size, and in particular elevated positions. The infinity pools are up to 900 square feet in size. The combination of additional square footage and amazing panorama makes these sanctuaries the most desirable for all those seeking the ultimate experience.

“GALAXY” Infinity Pool Sanctuaries These are the sun sanctuaries JD1 and JE1 which are on the highest level of JADE MOUNTAIN and enjoy the most commanding panoramic views plus biggest square footage. Because we have been asked on many occasions to guarantee these two suites for arrival, we have decided to create a specific category for them: GALAXY

“SKY” Suites In addition to the 24 infinity pool sanctuaries at JADE MOUNTAIN, there are 5 SKY jacuzzi suites. The SKY suites are located in the lower hillside level of JADE MOUNTAIN. While the SKY suites do NOT have an infinity pool they are part of JADE MOUNTAIN and guests will enjoy all of the JADE MOUNTAIN privileges. The SKY suites are very spacious suites of about 1650 square feet, 4 of them with the 4th wall open, yet completely private, to maximize the amazing view experience of the Pitons and the ocean. One sky suite is enclosed and air-conditioned. SKY suites feature a two level room lay out, with large and comfortable living space and open bath design, with a raised Jacuzzi tub towering above living space and also open to view.


A special a la carte spa menu has been created to offer spa treatments in the privacy of each JADE MOUNTAIN sanctuary or in the resort’s Kai en Ciel boutique spa . In addition, JADE MOUNTAIN guests may also enjoy the spa services of Kai Belte Spa at beach level at ANSE CHASTANET. Kai Belté spa is located at beach level between the Trouau Diable Restaurant and the scuba centre. There are 5 air conditioned treatment rooms, an open air hair and nail salon as well as our open-air cabana Kai Mer overlooking the Anse Chastanet reef. Respect for the uniqueness of each individual is the foundation of our spa experience. Our professionally trained and licensed therapists are committed to excellence, infused with enthusiasm and take pride in delivering a personalized and dedicated service. Our therapies combine both ancient and contemporary techniques in a natural manner. They are designed to bring balance and equilibrium to meet the needs of each individual.

Our product range includes natural ingredients from our organic farm Emerald’s, aromatherapy products from Aromatherapy Associates and Ayurvedic products from Tara. Aromatherapy Associates products are rich in precious essential oils and active botanical extracts, designed to soothe and calm the mind, bring the emotions into balance and ease strains, tension and blockages in the body and skin. Tara products have been developed by faithfully following Ayurvedic traditions and principles.


Wrapped around an infinity pool with a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors, the Jade Mountain Club caters exclusively to resident guests, celebrating James Beard Award winner Chef Allen Susser’s “Jade Cuisine.” Hovering in space above the Jade Mountain Club is the Celestial Terrace, perfect for sunset cocktails or star-gazing. In addition, Jade Mountain guests have unlimited access to all restaurants and bars at Anse Chastanet, which are just a short downhill walk or a brief shuttle ride away.



  • Suite Service at any time
  • JADE MOUNTAIN CLUB for breakfast, lunch or dinner


There are 3 restaurants/2 bars plus the Jungle Grill and Bar on the second beach of Anse Mamin. At mid-level hillside,near reception, there is the Treehouse Restaurant consisting of two Treehouse open air structures with beautiful views of ocean and the surrounding hills and the Piton Lounge and Bar with Piton and Ocean views, At beach level and right on the water’s edge is the Trou au Diable beach restaurant and bar. The Jungle Bar and Grill is located on our second beach of Anse Mamin, accessible by water taxi.

A great variety of culinary experiences is on offer: Fine Caribbean Dining ( Treehouses), Emerald’s Vegetarian ( PitonLounge/ dinner time only and optional in Treehouse), Apsara East India- St.Lucia fusion ( Beach Restaurant/dinner time only ) and the Beach Grill ( Beach Bar/ dinner time only) plus the Jungle Grill at Anse Mamin beach for lunchtime meals.

The Jungle Grill can remain open for private catering events in the evening if pre-booked, Service Schedule:

  •  Breakfast in the Treehouses Restaurant or Trou au Diable Beach Restaurant from 7.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.
  • Lunch in the Piti Piton Lounge or the Trou au Diable Beach Restaurant or the Jungle Grill on Anse Mamin beach
  • Afternoon Tea in the Piton and Trou au Diable Bar 3.30 – 5.30 p.m.
  • Dining in the Treehouses celebrating “Tropical World Cuisine” – fine Caribbean dining – 6.30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. daily except Tuesdays
  •  Dining in the Beach Restaurant Trou au Diable celebrating “Apsara” – St Lucia – East India fusion cuisine daily except Tuesday; Manager’s Cocktail Party plus Grand Caribbean Grill and Cuisine Event on Tuesday evenings for all guests
  • Tropical evening with Steelband on Tuesday evening in the beach restaurant or gourmet dining with wine pairing in the Treehouse
  • Emerald’s All Vegetarian Cuisine served in the Piti Piton lounge at dinner time nightly except Tuesday. Please note that absolutely all other resort menus feature vegetarian options at all times.


  • Piton Bar: 7 a.m. until closing around 11 p.m. or later
  • Beach Bar: 9 a.m. until 11 p.m.
  • Jungle Bar at Anse Mamin: 10 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.



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