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Namale provides the idyllic backdrop for endless expressions, sensory satisfactions and private passions. Where dreams become magnified. Romance ignited. And the natural balance of mind, body and spirit restored.

Here, at this Fiji resort, time is never measured by clocks. Days begin with the gentle hum of the native lali drum. From its echo, resonating and rapturous, design the day as you wish, knowing that the promise of relaxation and renewal delivers — tenfold.


Tripadvisor – Travelers Choice 2012 winner – Relaxation & Spa  Top 25 (# 4)

Luxury Spa Finder Magazine – The #1 SPA in Fiji

Island Destination Magazine – The 2008 Ultimate Romance Resort

Luxury Magazine – One of the Top 50 Most Romantic Places on Earth

Vacations & Travel Magazine – Best Spa and Most Spectacular Setting

Modern Bride Magazine – The #1 Ultimate Honeymoon Suite in Fiji – #5 in the World





Unparalleled luxury, privacy and splendor only begin to describe the way of life at this Fijian all-inclusive resort. Inspired by the design and comfort of traditional and opulent chiefly Fijian dwellings, each bure and villa possesses a singularly inviting and impressive home environment.


There are five choices of accommodation:

Namale is made up of a combination of 19 well appointed villas and bures (pronounced boo-reh). A bure is a chiefly Fijian home and here at Namale we have a fusion of traditional architecture with luxurious furnishings. These elements combined with our unique settings makes Namale’s accommodation the most unique and therefore sort after accommodation in Fiji and the greater South Pacific. Namale’s villas have been referred to as the Sexiest Villas in the South Pacific and to this very day, all our units of accommodation live up that reputation.

All 19 Bures & Villas have quality, luxury appointments: fully stocked mini-bar, coffee and tea making facilities, snacks and fully refurbished bathrooms with Pure Fiji shower amenities, hairdryers, robes and Ipod docking bay and speakers. There is ample luggage storage safe and a mini safe in each bure for peace of mind.

Garden Tropical Bures (4)
Namale’s Garden Tropical Bures are spread around Namale’s lush gardens and can be seen as exotic retreats from the everyday mundane life. Full of peace and solitude, the bures offer a King Bed with a large 2-person shower with a glass door that opens to a private deck surrounded by exotic blooms of frangipani, hibiscus blooms and more. There is an additional deck for lounging amongst the gorgeous flora of Namale.

Ocean Tropical Bures (5)
The Ocean Tropical Bures offer the same amenities as the Garden Tropical Bures. As a point of difference, some of the bures have sinful 4 poster beds, large walk in storage closets and 2 of the 5 units offer a Jacuzzi Spa Bath for 2. All the bures offer amazingly breath taking views of the Koro Sea and depending on the exact location of the bure, some of our Ocean Tropical Bures have beach access via way of stairs that lead into the lush green grounds of our Coconut Plantation with the beach and South Pacific ocean beyond.

Honeymoon Bures (5)
Offering massive levels of uniqueness, our honeymoon bures are perched on volcanic pinnacles and uplifts with magnificent views of the Koro Sea. Stepping into our honeymoon bures is as if you have stepped into an oasis of love and romance as you can’t help but feel this theme throughout our luxurious and romantically appointed bures. Three of our five bures offers a Jacuzzi Spa Bath for 2 with private decking and mini plunge pool for 2 overlooking the Koro Sea. Namale’s honeymoon bures are the very essence of romance.

Villas (4)
The Villas at Namale are one-of-a-kind. Each has its own layout and theme. Common features that the villas have are spacious living rooms, BOSE Surround Sound Home Theatre System with a pull down screen for a mini cinema effect. Each villa is graced with a King Bed and there is also a lounge area extending to private decking overlooking the Koro Sea. Depending on the villa that you are in, you can expect air condition, wrap around pool, plunge pool and Jacuzzi spa for two and even a private kitchen for Namale’s food and beverage team to cook and serve meals for villa occupant(s). All villas are also fully wireless and each is wonderfully furnished for a more refined experience. One of the villas (Bula House) also comes with 2 guest rooms adjoined to the main house and is deal for families with teenage kids, travelling associates, Personal Assistants and the like. The Bula House is ideal for guests looking for more than 2 bedrooms.

Tatadra (Dream) House (1)
This is the crème-de-la-crème of Namale’s bures and villas and is a massive 2000 square feet villa offering 2 bedrooms. The villa is fully locked in air conditioned comfort and the luxurious furnishings are carried right throughout the villa – inside and out. There is a spacious living room that converts into a mini cinema with same features as other villas. The living room is also ideal for hosting cocktails and dinners and also has a mini library with study table for a more private experience. The Dream House also has a private kitchen for a more private dining experience. Each of the bedrooms has massive outdoor showers, with the main suite offering a glamorous Jacuzzi Spa Bath for two. The outside deckings are beautifully appointed with a water feature that drops to a mini pool and then drops further into a mini plunge pool at the very end of the volcanic cliffs.


Ancient Wisdoms…Sacred Space 

Namale Spa & Sanctuary is a place of love and bliss – an indigenous island sanctuary that honors your spirit and offers you a diverse array of healing arts from around the world. It is our mission to awaken and restore the natural healing forces of your mind, body and spirit. As students of the world’s healing traditions, we have merged these ancient wisdoms with the knowledge of modern medical sciences & research to create an integrated and effective path toward perfect health and beauty. We are devoted to your well-being and it is our privilege to serve you on your journey to greater wellness and balance.

Hydrotherapy Room
Namale’s Hydrotheraphy room is one of a kind in Fiji and the greater South Pacific region. Have Unlimited use of our Hydrotherapy Room! Enjoy the sensations of pampering yourself with water. Feel your everyday stress melt away in the sauna, or feel the warmth of the Jacuzzi freeing your mind of worries. Know the experience of being rejuvenated by the waterfall or just indulge in the pleasure of our aromatherapy baths. Come in any time you like. Free of Charge.

Yava Vakamareqeti (Yah-vah Vah-kah-mah-rah-geh-tee)
Foot Bliss
Settle into the luxury of our chaise lounge as your weary feet are rejuvenated. Have a soak in an energizing footbath, after which your feet and calves will be exfoliated with coconut and sugar. Savor the relaxation as your whole body lets go when you receive a hot stone and reflexology foot massage.

45 minute treatment


Our massage team combines the talents of our Fijian hosts and those therapies from around the world whose intent and experience bring together the healing histories of Fiji, India, Japan, Sweden, Thailand, Bali, and Native American Cultures.

Mother Magic
Reconnect with the Earth through Hot/Cold Stone Massage
Basalt stones are known for their healing qualities on the soft tissue of the body. These, along with beautiful crystals and marble, are used to massage the body and are placed along key meridians and chakras to stimulate the free movement of energy. Enjoy this journey inward to find your center ground.

75 minute treatment

Balinese Mass Age
Ancient Healing & Herbal Remedies from the JAMU Tradition.
A meditative massage combining Hindu, Chinese and European influences to create a relaxing, rhythmic and energizing experience. This Asian experience offers varying techniques of acupressure, rolling motion, long strokes and percussion to invigorate the muscles, and significantly increase overall wellness. Includes choice of tropical aromatherapy, and concludes with a coconut back scrub.

75 minute treatment

The science of reflexology is based upon the knowledge that all organs and muscle group’s have corresponding reflexes in the ears, hands, and feet. Your therapist will apply pressure-point stimulation to release tension, reduce fatigue and open energy pathways allowing the body’s organs to function to their fullest potential.

75 minute treatment

True Swedish
A Soothing Experience of Warm Oil Drizzled with Loving Massage
This is gentle form of nurturing massage for creating a Zen-like state of mind. Its soothing nature decreases blood pressure and stimulates circulation and lymph flow; all facilitating enhanced removal of toxins from the body. Experience Au Lomani iko (loving & caring) touch.

75 minute treatment

The Spirit of Fiji / Bobo (bomb mb -boh)
Succumb to the Rhythm and Percussion of the Fijian Bobo Massage
The joyous Fijian people see Bobo massage as a powerful way to reclaim energy and invigorate the spirit. Your Fijian host utilizes traditional techniques such as long luxurious Swedish-like strokes, percussion, and spiraling movements to create a harmonic release. The treatment starts and ends with your therapist physically getting onto the massage bed and rhythmically dancing over your body with his/her feet sensually kneading into deep tissue mussles and tendons to allow for a more relaxed state of euphoria.

75 minute treatment

Total Release
An Experience of Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
Allow your mind to travel while your body finally lets go. Receive an exquisitely skilled massage manipulating the body’s muscle tissue against the bone structure. This is a pain-free deep tissue massage that exposes the extraordinary level of training your therapist possesses.

75 minute treatment

The Ultimate Fusion Massage
Enjoy the extraordinary blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone massage.
Allow the stones to ground you while the heat penetrates deeply into your tight muscles. Revel in the journey to a land of unparalleled bliss.

75 minute treatment

Namale Tandem Massage
To ensure you surrender to supreme relaxation, we have created The Namale Tandem Massage. An extraordinary sampling of the many massage modalities Namale offers, it is performed by two advanced therapists – perfectly synchronized to guide your mind to a place of quiet rest while your body takes the journey of a lifetime.

75 minute treatment

Couple’s Experience Namale Couple’s Massage
You may request any of Namale’s incredible massages to be performed at your bure, on the beach, on a private deck or garden area, or a room at the spa. Listen to the palm trees sway, waves crash and feel the warm breeze as it rushes your skin and awakens your heart to the rhythm and breath of the islands.

1 hour treatment

The Ultimate Indulgence
Moonlight Magic
This exclusive occasion will allow you to retreat to the Spa and have it all to yourselves sharing a very special moment in time with your partner. Your evening will commence with a Milk bath foot soak followed by a 90 minute massage with sensual oils and performed in a majestic room which is adorned by candlelight and showered with flowers, upon completion of your massage you will honored the full private use of our hydrotherapy room. Moonlight Magic commences at 6.30pm and dinner will be arranged for you to arrive at your Bure following your evening at the Spa.

105 minute treatment


Namale’s healing skin therapies restore the radiant balance to your complexion while calming the mind & lifting the spirit. We combine ancient universal techniques with state of the art technology to envelop all of your senses.

Savasava Facial Deep Cleansing
This quick, in-depth cleanse of the face is designed to release impurities. The Savasava is a more clinical treatment including exfoliation and light extractions to assist the skin in returning to its natural state of balance: clean and renewed. (Major extractions are not recommended in this climate because of slow healing)

45 minute treatment

Yanuyanu Island Facial
The Yanuyanu facial uses fresh ingredients from Namale and around Fiji to gently exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize the skin. Also included is soothing facial, neck and shoulder massage as well as the Namale Scalp Treatment to release stress. During your masking your hands and feet will enjoy the benefits of Reflexology massage. This facial can be tailored to be deep cleansing.

90 minute treatment

Meke Totoka Tandem Facial (Dance of Beauty)
Four hands and two hearts dance together to nurture the spirit during your tandem facial. Two therapists will begin your journey toward bliss with a Sea Salt back exfoliation and massage, a full facial with our Namale Scalp Treatment and a synchronistic toning leg massage and treatment. This truly is decadence.

75 minute treatment


Swedana Steam Therapy
Assist your body in its natural detoxification process through exfoliation, massage and steam. This treatment begins with full body exfoliation of the skin with gloves and skin brushes, followed by a warm oil aromatherapy massage. Finally, the toxins that have been moved through the body and brought to the surface of the skin will be released with a full body steam.

75 minute treatment

Bali Spicce ® Ritual
Using the traditional blend from Balinese villages a recipe of ginger, clove and spices is applied to your body as a mask. This body mask will aid in detoxification by stimulating digestion along with easing congestion in aching joints and muscles by promoting circulation. Whilst your body is warmed with the mask you will receive a JAMU Balinese massage. This treatment is also essential if you have jet-lag.

90 minute treatment

Thai Coconu t Scrub Crub
This uplifting and invigorating tropical treatment includes a full body coconut scrub infused with Lemongrass. A perfect treatment to hydrate your skin as this will nourish and soften with the healing qualities of coconut. It will include a JAMU Balinese massage with your choice of aromatherapy oil to complement your scrub.

75 minute treatment

Cagi (“Thangi”) “Air Balancing” Treatment
If you’re feeling scattered, this treatment can lend a sense of grounding to the body and spirit. The Cagi starts with gentle exfoliation and soft body brushing. Hot stone therapy follows along with a full body massage of your choice. Finally, your body will be painted with warm herbal clay and enveloped in an herbal steam treatment.

2 hours and 30 minute treatment

Vuravura “Earth Balancing” Treatment
If you’re feeling heavy and stagnated, this treatment stimulates and detoxifies the body. VuraVura begins with a vigorous exfoliation. The body is then drenched in warm oil and massaged in the modality of your choice. Afterwards, you’ll be treated to our signature Namale Scalp Treatment and relaxing steam therapy. This is head to toe bliss!

2 hour treatment

Yameyame “Fire Balancing” Treatment
If you have a hard time escaping your thoughts, this treatment can help calm the mind and turn off the intellect. In YameYame, the body is introduced to a myriad of textures and sensations, including a rhythmic, wave-like massage. Afterwards, you’ll enjoy our signature Namale Scalp Treatment and Foot Reflexology.

2 hour treatment

Kaukauwa “Energy” Therapy
If your skin is tired and your muscles tight, this invigorating treatment will provide stimulation and relaxation. Enjoy a full-body, salt-elixir exfoliation followed by Swedana steam therapy to reduce tension and release impurities from the skin. Then, you’ll be treated to a deep-tissue massage and our signature Namale Scalp Treatment. Our most popular treatment for men!

2 hours and 30 minute treatment




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