1. Create a new post.

2. Enter the title for your link in the title field above (for example “France”).

3. Click on the media icon above and insert your image into the post.

4. In the “Categories” box to the right, select the category it belongs in. For example, if your link was for “France” you would check off “Europe”. If your link was for “Paris” you would check off “France” (i.e. you’re actually selecting its parent category).

5. Enter the link’s excerpt below. This is the little paragraph that describes what the customer can expect from this vacation. I recommend less than 50 words.

6. Enter the link’s url below (Except url). You can find the url if you go to the “Categories” section (not the box on the right, but the actual page where you can create categories), mouse over your category, and click on “view”. Copy and paste the url from the address bar.

In our example for France, you would go to Categories, look for “France”, mouse over it, and you’ll see “Edit, Quick Edit, Delete, View”. Click on “view” and the page will load. You’ll see the url on the address bar. Copy this url and paste it in the “Excerpt url” field below.

(I recommend doing this on a new tab so you don’t lose this page).

7. Publish.